Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Video Portrait of an Artist Grappling with PPMS

One of the MS blogs I've been most impressed with is "Healing through Multiple Sclerosis", published by artist Cathy Aten. Cathy's blog documents both the mounting physical challenges and very personal internal struggles that she must wrestle with as a result of her Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

On a daily basis, Cathy eloquently communicates the difficult to verbalize impact that the disease has on the psyche of those who suffer from it. She writes of the horror and wonder of watching oneself change, and the constant coming to terms with losing control of one's life and oneself on so many levels, all the while teasing out the quiet lessons that might be learned from the experience.

Cathy recently posted a video in which she discusses her experiences in dealing with her progressively disabling illness. Both intimate and intelligent, this brief video is an impactful summation of the psychological labyrinth that this very physical disease demands its sufferers go through, forcing its victims to find a way to navigate through a fearful and ever-changing landscape, all the while trying to hold onto that which defines them.

As Cathy so succinctly puts it, "What all can you take away and still have the essence of a thing?"...


  1. I think she could accept her handicap and disease after struggle. Handicap is struggle against society. At the same time disease is struggle against oneself. She gets along with them rather than beats them. I thought what made one happy. It was so difficult for me to answer it. But I guess her way of life embodies one of the answers

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  2. Marc, thanks for turning me and others on to Cathy's blog a while back. It is hands down my favorite read. I never read a post of hers without feeling that she's been in my head. Her sharing helps provide form to the thoughts and feelings swirling around in me.

  3. Hi Marc,
    Please visit my blog and pick up your award.
    Best wishes for this New Year.

  4. What a wonderful, beautiful woman. Thank you for introducing us Marc.

  5. Marc, Thank you for posting this. Cathy is another example of the wonderful people who have this illness. She is a person who sees and creates beauty. I'm glad that she shares it with us...