Saturday, November 21, 2009

Video News Piece on the Vascular Theory of MS (CCSVI)

Canadian Television has produced a five-minute news piece on the "vascular theory" of MS, otherwise known as CCSVI (chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency). This theory hypothesizes that rather than autoimmunity, the narrowing and blockages of veins that drain the central nervous system may be the actual cause of MS. If proven correct, this could fundamentally change our understanding of the disease. Better still, surgical intervention could be performed that might stop the disease in its tracks.

This theory was first proposed by a doctor in Italy, Dr. Paolo Zamboni, and his research is being followed up in several locations around the globe, including a large study now underway at the University of Buffalo.

All of this is far from proven, but the research does look intriguing. At the very least, it's prompting people to look beyond the autoimmune theory of MS, which in itself is a good thing. CTV will be airing a one-hour documentary on CCSVI this weekend, and I'll provide a link to that show when it becomes available.

Click the link below to view the video.

CTV News W5 investigates intriguing new theory about MS

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  1. The Globe and Mail has an article on CCSVI on their website too. It's right there on the top of the home page.


  2. I participated in the Buffalo study a few weeks ago. They will soon complete testing the 1st 500 subjects and will then stop to analyze the results and report preliminary findings in February. We'll all know a whole lot more then!

    They are registering people for the next 1,200 subjects so if you are interested, go to BNAC is located in Buffalo General Hospital which is very easy to maneuver. Valet parking, relatively small hospital, very nice staff and very, very cool MRI Center. I almost enjoyed my time in the tube. To complete this $5 million study, they need money, too.