Saturday, March 13, 2010

Post on My CCSVI Procedure Coming Soon, I Promise

I know that everybody is waiting for me to post a detailed account of my CCSVI Liberation Procedure, and I've got a full draft ready to go. I'm letting the doctor who performed the procedure look it over, to make sure that everything I stated is factually correct, because I think it's important to get it right.

The post not only goes over the results of the procedure, but gives a blow-by-blow account of what it was like to undergo "liberation". So please stay tuned...

And thanks to everybody who has left such thoughtful comments and sent such lovely words of encouragement. I appreciate your expressions of concern more than words can convey...


  1. I appreciate your commitment to presenting the facts. Best of luck to you and THANK YOU for being such an inspiration. I have a good feeling about this...

  2. Marc, we really hope you will give us the facts you are experiencing on CCSVI. I guess all of ms:ers are getting more and more confused. Our people in the profession here in Sweden are clamming up. Why one might wonder?
    I hate this anonymous, but I don't now about the other profiles.

  3. I wish you all the best in the world.
    I have a good feeling about this, too...

  4. Marc,
    Thank you for your dedication to accuracy. I know I wanted/wished to hear a miracle had happened in NYC, you were up running marathons and climbing mountains, reality is never as much fun as reality. But you've had a serious thing, interested in how you feel.Hws are you doing?

  5. I'm on board with all of the above...I like your style..My best to you and Karen Cheers

  6. Marc, I started reading your blog last fall when my power chair was delivered and I was sitting alone, afraid to use it. You have given me courage. Ive watched Central Park video over n over. Now looking forward to your usual honest straitforward account of CCSVI.
    Take care. Write when you are ready.

  7. I will be eagerly awaiting the full report. And thank you for wanting it to be 100% factual.


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