Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wheelchair Kamikaze Live on Internet Radio, This Saturday, 8 PM

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I've been invited to be a guest on "Global CCSVI Radio", a one-hour streaming Internet radio show that will be presented this Saturday, May 8, at 8 PM, New York time. As the name of the show indicates, we'll be discussing CCSVI and my experiences with the Liberation Procedure.

The show has a call-in format, so if you want to say "hi" you can dial the number provided on the Internet radio web page, and as an added bonus you can ask me just about anything you want to, but preferably something regarding CCSVI. The host of the show requested a list of questions I'd like to be asked, and I told him that I thought I'd be okay just winging it. I'm an adrenaline junkie, what can I say?...

So, now you'll get a chance to hear if I speak as well as I write. Don't worry, me talk good words. Unless I'm hit with one of my "spells", during which I can only communicate by singing like Ethel Merman. Sure am glad I got my hair cut yesterday, I definitely want to look my best on the radio...

Click here for link to Global CCSVI Radio website.

Actually, now that I think about it, you've probably all heard me speak on the Wheelchair Kamikaze videos. I know it must come as a shock, but that's not a professional voiceover talent on those videos, it's just little old me...

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  1. Marc,
    You see, I told you you were destine for greatness. First it's internet radio, then TV, who knows where it will end. Good Luck, I'll be listening.


  2. Soon there will be "Wheelchair Kamikaze - The Movie". You'll have to invite all us to the premier. Hope there's plenty of Handicapped parking and seating. May I suggest Johney Depp for the lead? Love that man. Pirate - Kamikaze, same thing, right? 8-)


  3. Yes! Marc...I'll be there, all ears!I hope the world is ready for you. Go get em...

  4. Looking forward to the show!


  5. Mark,
    Corey and I listened to this episode with much interest and awe at how much you know and how much you give (beyond your nice haircut and good radio voice).
    You make us proud.
    MJ, Corey and Milan x

  6. Great I finally get to hear you! Listening to it now.......

  7. Marc: I enjoyed the broadcast the other night; I appreciated your efforts to steer the conversation towards maintaining a balanced picture of the current state of CCSVI. My heart went out to the woman in SF (Patricia?) who expressed her frustration over the glacial pace of MS research. I would have her know that we share her anger and frustration and her fear, especially, that our abilities, once lost, may be irretrievable -- but for the lack of a unified, angry voice to DEMAND that attention be promptly paid to our cause. She is correct, indisputably. More specifically, in terms of her concerns about cognitive impairment, I would have her understand that any of the meds which she is taking, singly or in combination, may be causing the problem. She should not hesitate to discuss her concerns with her doctor.