Sunday, September 5, 2010

Live Interview Time Changed to 9:30 PM This Tuesday Night

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The starting time for my interview in the "MS Voices" series, conducted by Karen Gordon, has been changed from 8 PM to 9:30 PM, New York time, this coming Tuesday, September 7. You can (click here) for a handy-dandy webpage that will convert the starting time to its equivalent in your own time zone. For those of you who have already registered, you should receive an e-mail confirming the new time. For those readers who haven't yet signed up, you can do so by (clicking here).

During the registration process, you can submit a question for me, and if you've been good this year, Karen will ask it. Please, nothing too hard, as I'm as sharp as an egg.

You'll have the option of listening to the interview via the Internet or on the phone, and if you choose to listen via telephone, you'll likely have the chance to join the show and ask me a question directly. I can only imagine the thrill.

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  1. A magnificent interview. I am enormously in your debt. I am also in awe of your stamina. I would have wilted long before. Thanks and thanks and thanks.

  2. Listening to you tonight was such an intimate, authentic experience. Thank you so much for your wisdom, warmth, intelligence and revelations.
    There are few people who inspire me as much as you do, Marc. I am so thankful to know you.

  3. Cannot thank you enough. I am a mother of MS
    daughter and you taught me so much tonight.

  4. Interview was Fantabulous Marc, on several occasions you mentioned that you could spend several hours on a particular subject alone. Well, that made me think that thats a novel idea. Maybe you could get the NMMS to fund and organize a Weekly radio program where people could phone in and ask questions, like the time spot left by the Dr laura show. Its about time our society does somthing productive with its resources. Honestly, I'm sure that your connection with the MS community would thrive. Who else could give the metaphor of dealing with MS being akin to huge hairy monkeyballs or something to that effect. Can't get enough of your insight. I smell a petiion getting started to get you some airtine.
    Well done Mr Kamikaze!!

  5. Marc,
    Last night's "interview" was outstanding....much more akin to a "talk" however, which thoroughly delighted me. Your knowledge on all aspects of this M.S. thing is so extensive, and it showed...even though it may turn out that you're not "one of us" after all. If that turns out to be true, we will take a vote and keep you as an honorary member of our distinguished clan..whether you like it or not!

  6. It was great to hear you and your wife last night. My husband and I reallly enjoyed the whole show. I was tempted to ask you your favorite color early on to try and stump you, but I figured I'd let the other people ask their 'real' questions. You were very inspiring and hopeful and reasoned in you thoughts, as always. I second the above suggestion for a regular show.

  7. I missed it and I so wanted to hear you without buying. I know I'm a cheapskate. Is there anyway to hear what you had to say? I really wanted to, you know how MS brains forget. I did.

  8. Marc, I have to say that I was not familiar with you prior to this interview, but wow, you were utterly FANTASTIC. You know so much about MS and dealing with a chronic/possibly debilitating condition. Every person with MS should listen to your interview. My 32yo son has MS and lives in Chicago (I live in Ohio), and I am trying to find ways to encourage and support him. I wasn't planning to purchase the interview, but your words were so inspiring that I'm going to purchase the series and give it to him. Kudos and more Kudos to you and to your lovely wife. You are utterly amazing, inspiring, and fantabulus! Keep up the positive attitude and the good work in helping to cheer others up! Pam in Ohio

  9. As a Canadian, I am ashamed of how our government is acting around CCSVI. Even the drug companies admit their technologies don't work, and doctors are prescribing, and I assert, criminally, drugs like Rebif (Interferon) when it's clearly contraindicated.

    Legalised Euthanasia? What I'm watching is absolutely shameful.

  10. i think this is the link to Marc's interview. Correct me if I am wrong....

  11. Hi, first time reader/listner here, saw the link on 'CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis' facebook page. I appreciate your breadth of knowledge and balanced perspective. I have a question regarding your interview: where did you get your CCSVI treatment results information from, specifically the one third dramatically affected, one third somewhat affected, and one third showing no affect from treatment? Thanks, this is pretty important stuff, and as you know there is no central source for all results for those who have undergone angioplasty for CCSVI, so I'm very curious where you got your "numbers" from. Thanks again,
    Joey F.

  12. It is also important to assess whether or not the person using the wheelchair wants to be able to maneuver it on his own.