Sunday, January 9, 2011

Live Webcast, "Repairing the Nervous System in MS: Progress and Next Steps": Tuesday, 01/11/11, 2 PM ET

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is holding a live webcast on Tuesday, January 11, at 2 PM, focusing on the latest research efforts in neurorepair and neuroregeneration, two of the holy grails of MS investigation. (Click here for more info and to register)

This topic should be of extreme interest to all MS patients, regardless of your feelings about the NMSS, mainstream neurology, and CCSVI. Even in a CCSVI best case scenario, in which the hypothesis does turn out to be the primary cause of MS, damage done to the central nervous system will still need to be repaired to restore functionality to the patient once disease progression has been stopped. Damaged nerve cells rarely if ever repair themselves, so strategies for stimulating such repair are vital.

This webcast will feature the following panel of world-class MS researchers:

Dr. Peter Calabresi, Professor of Neurology and Director, Johns Hopkins MS Center, Baltimore, MD;
Protecting the nervous system from MS damage, novel ways to track repair

Dr. Ian D. Duncan, Professor of Medical Sciences at the University of Wisconsin, Madison;
Novel imaging technologies, transplanting cells to promote repair

Dr. Charles ffrench-Constant, Chair of Medical Neurology, University of Edinburgh, UK;
Transplanting repair cells and stimulating natural nervous system repair

Dr. Gavin Giovannoni, Chair of Neurology at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry,
Screening molecules for their protective properties and conducting clinical trials

As is noted above, some very interesting topics will be discussed, including the use of stem cells to stimulate nervous system repair.

(Click here) to find out what time the webcast will be held in your time zone. Choose "America/New York" in the "From Time Zone" window.

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  1. for guys that dont feel like me...i am relying on you to once again eloquently reiterate the webcast with the facts i need to know!

  2. The webcast is still available on the MS society's website.I thought ot was interesting that they all seemed to agree that more collaboration and a better/faster way of doing clinical trials would facilitate in getting therapies to patients. But they did not have anyone from the Myelin Repair Foundation there, or even mention them.