Sunday, February 20, 2011

CCSVI Video: Interview with Dr. Paolo Zamboni and Dr. Jack Burks

Sorry that things have been quiet here on Wheelchair Kamikaze for the last week or so, but I've been battling a bit of a bug. I hope you'll enjoy the following tasty tidbit of CCSVI information…

Here's another video sponsored by the CCSVI Alliance (click here), and edited by yours truly. It features an interview with the "father of CCSVI", Dr. Paolo Zamboni, and Dr. Jack Burks, an MS Neurologist who is the Medical Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America. The interview was recorded on 01/17/11 in Miami Beach, Florida, at the International Symposium for Endovascular Therapy. Conducted by Sharon Richardson, the President of the CCSVI Alliance, the interview features Dr. Zamboni in person, and Dr. Burks joining via audio teleconference.

One of the biggest hurdles facing CCSVI researchers has been the reluctance of neurologists to get behind CCSVI trials, but this situation now seems to be shifting, and hopefully some much-needed interdisciplinary cooperation will be forthcoming. As is illustrated by the discussion in this video, CCSVI research is in its early infancy, and we've only scratched the surface on what needs to be learned. Momentum is building, though, and the next 6-12 months should bring much revealing data, as a host of trial information is scheduled to become available. Not soon enough for patients suffering from MS, I know, but we are getting there, slowly but surely.

And now, on to our featured presentation…


  1. Replies
    1. How does it hurt people to do this proceidure to them if they want it.
      It can only help not hurt them. Just Do It!

  2. Thanks for sharing Marc!
    Hard to listen to Dr. Burks as I have a strong dislike for Neurologists. He did have some positive things to say which surprised me. A big pat on the back for the CCVSI Alliance for doing such a good job and being recognized by both sides as the guardians of MS patients.
    Take Care, Joanne

  3. That was worth listening to and also reassuring to know that the MS Society and Dr. Zamboni are in a reasoned dialogue about CCSVI.


  4. i hate this f@@@ing disease. I pray that they find/do something soon. kim

  5. Dr. Burks is in a unique position to help the cause of CCSVI research. I hope he continues to promote further exploration of CCSVI among his neurologist colleagues. Here's a chance for the MSAA (an organization I have a lot of respect for because they are patient-centered rather than research-centered), to take the lead by including articles about CCSVI in their publications.

  6. I am puzzled about this ... I think, as the doctors said, internet and pseudo-scientists (CCSVI in the surface is simple enough that average joe can think and make believe many) is shocking.
    I actually thought that the interview went well and showed the ‘real’ Dr Zamboni, a much more centered person than the image we have from the media. On the other hand, I am very disappointed to see Dr Zamboni wear a ‘power’ wrist band (you can see this @ 12:20 then @ 13:29). I hope I am mistaken, otherwise Dr Zamboni’s credibility went down in my mind for using those well know scam gadgets. I remember having a heated discussion with my 18y/o nephew when he was trying to make me believe that the band he just bought for 30€ was a miracle. With a pretty simple ‘blind’ test I proved him wrong. Then, he went to his room mumbling that it ‘works’ for him … and my sister, not him!, is 30€ poorer.
    We are in need of some serious research. It has taken longer than I thought.

  7. why care about neurologists? pompous dislikable people. why aren't interventional radiologists taking this over!

  8. why care about neurologists? pompous dislikable people. why aren't interventional radiologists taking this over! DITTO - TOO BAD WE CAN'T GIVE NEUROLOGISTS ADVANCED MS AND TELL THEM TO WAIT

  9. What i dont understand is ;
    If its a simple operation as described why cant they just do it to people who want to try if it works???????

  10. Hi everyone, I'm an Italian student of medicine and Dr. Zamboni is one of my professors.
    The reason that doesn't allow Dr. Zamboni to start a clinical trial is that Italian society of neurologists still don't recognize to his discovery any scientifical validity, but there are people who can get surgery in private clinics and many of these people show big improvements.
    Anyway, until neurologists' approval, he can't start the trial, that will be on 700 patients

  11. I am from nz and would be most interested if Dr Zamboni started a clinic. I would travel to Italy if it was going to help. My c ph is 0212345026 or email

  12. I too would be interested in this clinical trial...I would travel as well....the sooner the better !!! Seems like a small risk for a big result !!