Saturday, April 23, 2011

BlogTalk Radio-It's All in the Blog

This past Wednesday, I appeared on an Internet radio show, along with fellow MS blogger Lisa Emrich. The show was graciously hosted by Amy Gurowitz, herself an MS blogger.

I may be a bit biased, but I thought the show was quite interesting, and touched on areas of importance to all MSers, not just those interested in the process of blogging. Lisa, Amy, and I relate the stories of our MS diagnoses (or, in my case, my mystery diagnosis), as well as many of the hot topics currently consuming the MS community. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll say to yourself, "How can that guy write so reasonably well, yet talk like he was recently hit in the head with a cast-iron frying pan?"

Just hit the play arrow on the little thingy below to listen to the show.

Listen to internet radio with 1st MS Radio Station on Blog Talk Radio
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  1. I listened to the entire show live and cannot help but realize your overwhelming wealth of knowledge, facts, compassion, and personality. Your only drawback is your desire for the Red Sox to win a national championship.
    Kirk Gibson

  2. Go Red Sox!

    Thanks for the link to the show...

  3. This was really worth listening to--very much a fun time as well as informative....and you know how I feel about fun! So glad you posted the link!

  4. Greek-thank you for your generous words, but as I said to you on the air, if you honestly think that highly of me, you really need to get out more. And for the record, my support of the Red Sox is definitely one of my better features…

    Quilter-hope you enjoyed the show, and "Let's Go Red Sox!"

    Daphne-very happy that you found the show both fun and informative, often a hard mix to achieve. I often find that I'm having the most fun when I'm being informed, and vice versa. Of course, there is something to be said for pure, unadulterated fun. Don't know how much information I got from riding on roller coasters, but I loved them anyway…

  5. It took me several hours but I listened to the whole radio show today. I am inspired by you're attitude and how you've turned negative circumstances into something so positive. By laying it all out there you articulate what so many are struggling with and feeling.

    My RRMS is virtually invisible to the naked eye but it and other AI problems, have stolen my brain... amongst other things. When I read your blog I find hope that I, too, will be able to find my niche - a way to give to those around me. I still haven't found it but am feeling my way. Thank you for your bravery, resource information and willingness to share.

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