Sunday, June 12, 2016


Due to what I can only imagine must be a clerical error, has selected Wheelchair Kamikaze one of 2016’s 23 best MS blogs. Seriously, though, given the explosion in the number of Multiple Sclerosis themed blogs in recent years, being chosen as one of the best is truly an honor. A big thank you to Healthline for choosing Wheelchair Kamikaze to be part of their list.

I encourage all WK readers to check out the other 22 blogs on the list (click here), which range from highly personal pages written by MSers themselves to blogs maintained by some of the leading MS patient advocacy and research organizations. Certainly, all worth spending time perusing.

On another related note, one of the site’s more eclectic MS features is their slideshow of MS tattoos (click here). Healthline is looking for new submissions for inclusion in the slideshow, so if you've got some MS ink you'd like to show off, simply email a clear photo of your MS body art along with a brief description to with the subject line "My MS Tattoo".

I would send them a photo of my own MS tattoo, but it's in a very private place. Okay, I'll admit it – it's on my schmeckel and it usually just says "MS Sucks". When I'm excited, though, it says "MS Sucks As Much As Anything Can Possibly Suck And Someone Better Cure It Soon, Dammit! ".

BTW, “schmeckel” is a Yiddish word and if the definition isn’t clear enough (click here). For those of you for whom this is a new word, as an introduction to this vital addition to your vocabulary I encourage you to use “schmeckel” in conversation at least three times today. Please report your successes/failures in the comments section of this post.

Uh-oh, is all of this talk of schmeckels inappropriate? Sure hope this doesn’t disqualify me from the Best MS Blogs of 2017 list…

Healthline has also recently released an MS app called MS Buddy for iOS (click here) and android (click here). MS Buddy is quite unique in the MS app universe. It enables peer-to-peer interaction, allowing MS patients to connect with one another and chat via text message on a one-to-one basis.

After downloading the app, MSers fill out a profile detailing age, sex, type of MS, and MS medications, along with a “break the ice” question to be presented to your potential new MS Buddy (hint: probably best to leave any references to schmeckels out of your "break the ice" question). The app then uses an algorithm to match you with an appropriate buddy, and will send you a new MSer to chat with every day at noon. Dealing with MS can sometimes be a lonely experience and communicating with others who "get it" can be a tremendous relief, so download MS Buddy and give it a try…

Once again, a big thanks to for choosing Wheelchair Kamikaze one of this year’s best MS blogs, and an even bigger thank you to everybody who reads these pages…


  1. I watched the video and that guy had the smallest schneckel imaginable!
    Congrats on the award! Your posts are always enlightening.

    I do miss your video tours of New York, though. I'm sure you do as well.

  2. Congratulations, Marc. Had your site not been included, it would be difficult to take their choices seriously. Thanks for the link to the others for us to take a gander. Needed the laughs provided in this Blog edition too. Crack me up! Researcher, educator, comedian. He does a thousand and one things but wait...there's more!

  3. Congratulations Kaz!
    Thought that might get your attention. Just checking George's blog as I always do incase he has sent a message.
    You deserve the accolade and he would be the first to send you a fruit basket. Your blog is outstanding in content and real emotion. Bravo, bravo!!!

  4. There's a reason your blog was one of the best – it's hilarious. Congratulations on your well-deserved honor.

  5. Congratulations! I want to ask you if you know anything about the fasting mimicking diet that claims to kill the bed cells in MS and then rebuild new cells. It's hard to find exact rules to this diet and I am reading everyday to learn more.

  6. Well Deserved. and also, ouch, Marc!

  7. congratulations wheechair kamakaze! Love the blog's name and i love your tattoo!. makes me want to get the ribbon. does the red have a particular name? i did look at the photos and i like them. i m totally new to blog reading and look forward to selecting some of the topics to the left. i have to attend my mom's funeral tomorrow at arlington national cemetery--ANC. my schmeckled husband said i have to go so that i can be with the rest of my sibs and their fams. i'm real schmeckled about that but know he is correct.Mom passed 2-12-16 but since ANC has such a wait for folks to be funeralized, the day has finally arrived, 6-14-16. dad was buried 4-22-2014 and he died 1-11-14. i'm sorry i got on this topic but i'm just so doggone schmeckled! sad, too! thank you for listening.

  8. Oy Vey Marc,
    This fakakta disease makes me want to spew Yiddish phrases. But seriously, you are a true mensch and your blog gives me such naches (that keeps autocorrecting to nachos). Very well deserved.

  9. Very well deserved!! Congratulation!! :)

  10. Marc - Your myriad qualities to harness your - intelligence, eloquence, courage, humanity, generosity - to explain the most important truths about the predicament of MS for its sufferers, and its rewards / profits for others, is MAGNIFICENT. Your ability to hammer the truth out of the tower of babble "information" about MS and "treatments" is about the very best tool many of us MSers have to face our days. THANK YOU beyond words.

  11. Well deserved Mark. I'm hosting a small wellness retreat in September and asking people to share their favourite MS blogs. You win! I also plan to show one of your YouTube videos on traversing the streets of NY, just because it's is so cool. You have great style and yup, you're a mensch.