Wednesday, November 1, 2017

WK Honored – And You Can Get A Free Comprehensive Health Panel Test!

I’m pleased to announce that Wheelchair Kamikaze has been named one of’s top 25 MS blogs (click here). WK nabbed the fifth spot on the list, just behind the blogs of such huge organizations as the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the UK’s MS Society, and the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America. While this is a tremendous honor, the best part is that is offering all US-based Wheelchair Kamikaze readers a free Comprehensive Health Panel, including blood tests and urinalysis.

Wheelchair Kamikaze has achieved success beyond anything I ever could’ve dreamed when I started these pages back in 2009. I honestly never expected more than a few dozen people to ever give this blog a gander. Now, nearly 9 years later, WK is approaching 3 million page views. Amazing. Heartfelt thanks to all Wheelchair Kamikaze readers, and of course to

Tremendous congrats go to all the other blogs that Healthlabs’ list. Each selected blog is high-quality, entertaining, and informative, and I urge you to check each of them (click here). has provided very informative synopses of each, so their list of chosen blogs is a valuable resource in and of itself.

Now, for the really good stuff – is generously offering free comprehensive health test panels (a $99 value – click here) to all US-based Wheelchair Kamikaze readers. This health test panel includes blood tests for lipids (cholesterol levels), a comprehensive metabolic panel, iron and total iron binding capacity tests, a thyroid panel, and a complete blood count (CBC), as well as a urinalysis.

If interested, please use the following instructions for accessing your free Comprehensive Health Test Panel:

1. Wheelchair Kamikaze readers can place their orders over the phone by calling 1-800-579-3914 . Please mention that you are calling about the free Comprehensive Health Test Panel for Wheelchair Kamikaze readers.

2.’s certified health care specialists will order a Comprehensive Health Test Panel for you free of charge over the phone.

3. Once the test is ordered, readers can simply use the lab nearest them. has a partnership with Quest Diagnostics, so users can get tested at any of 2,000 labs across the United States. Most labs are open during regular business hours, and no appointment is necessary. Readers can use’s "Find a Lab" tool (click here) to find the lab nearest them.

4. Results are delivered by email in 1-2 business days.

This offer expires on November 1, 2018.

I’d asked anybody taking advantage of this offer to please leave a few words about their experience in the comments section of this post. I’d like to keep track of how well the process goes.

Once again, a big thank you to and to all the readers that have made Wheelchair Kamikaze a popular part of the MS Internet. I’m humbled to have been able to be of service through the years to my fellow members of the MS club, one which none of us ever wanted to join. You’ve all given me some method to the madness of my experience with this disease. For that, I will forever be grateful.


  1. Congratulations, once again for the well deserved recognition.

  2. Congrats! Happy to see your phenomenal contributions to us acknowledged in this way. This might direct those who somehow haven't yet been gifted with finding your site right to it. Thank you, Marc, from a long time reader and fan of yours.

  3. Well done Marc. Tripping On Air was ranked #7.

    I'm coming for you, Stecker.

  4. Confratulations ! I am so happy for this recognition you gave got! And so sad it does not apply to us Canadians => they say it is our disase:))

  5. Congrats! Unfortunately, Health Labs is not honoring the free testing.

    1. Hi Emma,

      Thanks for the heads up. I contacted healthlabs, and they say the issue is now resolved. If you call the phone number included in the above post and mention Wheelchair Kamikaze you should now be given the free test panel. Please let me know if there are any further problems.

    2. WOW Marc-- What a great opportunity Health Labs are offering.
      I guess there are "good guys" still out there!

  6. Congratulations Marc, for the well deserved recognition. I love your blogg despite the topic of shitty MS.
    All the best, Johan

  7. I and George would have loved to have met you in a Greek restaurant, but as Fate would have it, we met in Sal's office. I am so grateful, though, that it did happen and you and George became great friends. Of course, I have adopted you into the Spartan wannabe group, and am so proud to commend you for the wonderful, in depth work that you do for all who have MS.
    Well deserved honor, but you already have a place of high esteem for all of us who read and love you.
    Congratulations palikari!

  8. You honor us with your dedication to excellence in what you do. It is therefore only fitting that your efforts are acknowledged and praised. You make a huge positive difference in our lives, individually and as a community. Thank you!

  9. Congratulations! Your blog is so informative and helpful, and I look forward to receiving it. You're an inspiration.
    All the best--

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  11. Congratulations, and thank YOU, faithful warrior! CJ