Monday, March 2, 2009

New Wheelchair Kamikaze Video Posted!

Well, I've been at it again, hurtling down the streets of New York City, hell bent for leather.

What the heck does "hell bent for leather" actually mean, anyway? It's one of those expressions that, upon a microsecond of reflection, make absolutely no sense at all. Like "the cat's pajamas". Or "a wild hair up my ass".

I especially hate that last one. Gives me the willies (okay, here we go again, what the hell are "the willies?").

But I digress... for your viewing pleasure, I present "Wheelchair Kamikaze: The Dash down Amsterdam".

Addendum: A big thank you to CW, who posted in the comments section that the correct expression is "a wild hare up my ass", not "a wild hair up my ass". My wife readily confirmed this.

At least now the expression makes a bit more sense, although it doesn't get me liking it any better. Still gives me the willies (anyone want to take a crack at that one?)...


  1. Well, search "Frank Sinatra" on profiles, and you find the most amazing things.

    Fantastic videos, and great to see the lemonade from the lemons.

    All the best; I'll be along for the ride.

  2. I use a walker, wheelchair and power scooter. Can I come over and take lessons from you? Absolutely, great stuff. You'll empower many who are at the moment of decisions: run over, run through, run by, or run around anything that looks like an impedance. You are the wheelchair NASCAR champ!.


  3. The saying is "hare," not "hair."

    OTOH, your friends in the West Village might invite you to one of their parties if you drop that saying at an appropriate time.

    Caregiver to Bride of Chuck

  4. Bride of Chuck goes to MS clinic affiliated with that hospital.

  5. very cool, always an adventure.

  6. Marc, that's great!!! Very fun video, narration, and music. Welcome to the MS Blogging community. Good to have you here.

  7. Hi Marc,
    That is one great ride you have there! You shoot an entertaining video. And I thought being pushed through San Francisco while in my manual chair was fun ... Would you be able to climb Nob Hill?

  8. Thanks for all of the nice comments, folks. Glad I could give people a few laughs...

    Reese: the search for Frank Sinatra always leads to good things...

    CW: thanks for clarifying that "hair" thing. Hare makes much more sense. Still wouldn't want a wild one of my ass, though...

    I go to the same MS clinic that your wife does. Was just there today, as a matter of fact, seeing the naturopathic Dr. they've hired.

    Lisa: Thanks for the welcome. This should be fun...

    Webster: I think San Francisco would be a challenge. I spent some time there pre-MS, and those hills are really something...