Friday, July 31, 2009

Toyota Develops Mind Controlled Wheelchair

Well, this is pretty amazing. The big brains at Toyota have developed a wheelchair that is operated through the power of the mind. By reading the user's brain waves, the chair can decipher the direction the user wants to travel.

As huge an advance as this might be, I can foresee problems with this technology in the future. There I'll be, happily zipping down the street on my mind controlled way, when an especially short miniskirt, a Lamborghini, or a particularly cute Labrador Retriever passes me by. Suddenly, the chair starts whirling like a dervish, and soon launches me directly into traffic or through a plate glass window. Given my propensity for daydreaming, I might set out for a doctor appointment, and wind up in the Gobi desert...

I know my mind, and believe me, it's not to be trusted to follow a straight line for more than 30 seconds.


  1. Thanks for the Sunday morning laugh!!!

  2. I'm scared! When it was time for an emergency stop, I'd panic, purse my lips, forget to puff my cheeks, roll my eyes, panic some more. There
    would be no going down the ramp of death here!!! I'm no fool (I think.

  3. Oh Marc! I watched the video before reading your comments. My first thought was about the safety of the mostly-innocent pedestrians in your neighborhood. You hit on exactly what I was thinking except you expressed it in the droll entertaining fashion we've come to expect. Interesting video and concept.