Friday, February 5, 2010

Added A Few New Photos to the Gallery

Just thought I'd blow my own horn and call attention to a few new photos that I've added to the photo gallery on the left side of this page.

Now that winter is upon us, getting out and about in the wheelchair to take pictures is a bit of a hassle, what with socks and sweaters and jackets and scarves and gloves and such to be put on using gimpy appendages, and the shortened daylight hours pose a challenge to those of us who prefer our mornings to be early afternoon. As a friend of mine once said, "being awake is overrated", a sentiment I certainly share at times, especially when the temperature dips below 30°F. Sitting in a wheelchair doesn't afford one the opportunity to generate much body heat, and frozen tootsies are especially unpleasant when you can't move them all that much. Icy fingers also make operating my wheelchair mounted camera just that much harder, so suffice it to say that photography isn't quite as pleasurable for me in the winter as it is in the other three seasons. Still, winter does have considerable beauty...

For those of you who have been clamoring for some new Wheelchair Kamikaze videos, I'll tease you with the knowledge that I have the raw footage for two new videos just waiting to be edited into viewable form, but I've been a bit lazy in getting around to actually working on them. I will soon, although I'm still nursing the wounds from not being nominated for this year's Academy Awards. Admittedly, I might be biased, but certainly "Wheelchair Kamikaze: In Search of Audrey Hepburn" should have gotten the nod over "Avatar"...

In any event, here are the new photos, taken over the last three months. The shot of the homeless man was taken on a day when the temperature topped out at 25°F, in a city where three-bedroom apartments sell for $6 million. I'm no marxist, but that just doesn't seem right... (click each to see the full-size version):

autumn-angel-2.jpg image by marcstck

for-the-birds-2-wide.jpg image by marcstck

gull-diag-2.jpg image by marcstck

autumn-couple-crop.jpg image by marcstck

urban-gull-3.jpg image by marcstck


  1. I admire your fortitude in getting out to shoot no matter what the weather. These shots are a nice reward for the effort. Were they shot with the new GH1?

    best, Barry

  2. Love your photography. Framing, setting, contrast, beauty, all exemplary. Truly the best. Have you thought of sending them to a publisher?

  3. New videos: yes, yes, yes! I also have an order in for a Quantum 6000z.

  4. And the photos are beautiful too! I'd also like to do more in this regard when I can be out and about a bit more.

  5. Barry-yes, these were taken with the gh1. It's a very nice camera, would be especially nice if I had two working hands, but I'm grateful I can still use one hand. Haven't been getting out as much as I would like, hopefully will do more in the coming weeks.

    dabble-thanks for the kudos. I'm thinking of putting together some of my better photos and essays from this site, and approaching a publisher to see if we could put together some kind of multimedia volume. Hey, a man can dream, can't he?

    Frida-I know, I know, I need to start working on the videos. Going to try to get to them started next week. Congratulations on the new wheels. Please let me know when you take delivery. Did you get the high-speed package? When you do get the new chair, I'd be happy to give you tips and advice on what I've learned about "wheelchair photography". Just drop me a line at

  6. MARC! Those are GREAT!! Thank you.. The one of the seagull with all the metal under him/her reminded me of all of us dealing with the hardware issue with our eye on the sky. That bird looks peaceful. There's a lesson there somewhere.


  7. I didn't get the high speed package--we've been unemployed for almost a year, though my husband just got a new job. But it will still go pretty fast! Faster would be good to keep up with the kids' bikes. I really wanted the power seat lift--but $2000! But if all goes well, I will have the tilt-in-space and recline, which will not only relieve my pain greatly, but will be like taking my own personal recliner everywhere.

    I learned that Mark Smith (Wheelchair Junkie) also has the same chair.

    Yes, I'll check in after I get the chair; the tripod thingy is a great idea. My main fear is getting the chair stuck somewhere--it's difficut to get those casters lined up to get through doorways and I'm not as good yet with joysticks as my video-gaming children. I'm looking forward to being out a lot more and hoping insurance doesn't balk.

  8. Great photo additions Marc. Seagulls are so beautiful, once you get over the fact that they are seagulls of course.

    I hope that one of your videos will be to see Gandhi at Union Square. ;)

  9. Wonderful pictures! The one of the couple walking in the park on an Autumn day is awesome!