Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Little Housekeeping

bowbridge0344crduo Well, it appears for the moment that the recent storm of CCSVI related news has reached its climax with the release of the initial Buffalo study results, so I expect things here at Wheelchair Kamikaze will return to the relative normalcy (and I use that term loosely) of the pre-CCSVI uber-excitement days.

Of course, I'll keep reporting and commenting on whatever new CCSVI tidbits come along, but, now that we are emerging from the tempest, I'm planning on getting back to posting more of my philosophical blatherings about life in the gimp lane, some additional psychobabble mumbo-jumbo synthesizing Eastern thought with wisdom gained at the gaming tables of life with the pleasures of progressive neurodegeneration, and general news and observations regarding the goings-on in the world of MS.

I also have some raw Wheelchair Kamikaze video footage sitting around waiting to be edited, so there will be some new Wheelchair Kamikaze videos coming soon (I promise), and I'll take some wheelchair photo safaris through the beautifully bleak winter landscape of Central Park over the next few weeks.

For those who care to keep note of such things, I've also separated out the "Popular Posts" selections in the left column of the blog into CCSVI related and general interest posts, because the previous automated list was getting overwhelmed with the CCSVI related stuff. I've also added an interesting little gadget that you'll find if you scroll down the page that shows a little map of the world with red dots signifying recent and current visitors to Wheelchair Kamikaze. If you click on the little map, it will open up a larger Google map that places little flags over the global position of each visitor. Clicking on each little flag reveals the exact city or town of the visitor, and also the page of the blog they are looking at. Click again, and Google will thoughtfully provide you with the reader’s genetic code and darkest personal secret. Okay, I made that last bit up, but at the very least, it's a fun way to kill about 25 seconds...


  1. Wow! That map thing is really cool. You are so cutting edge Marc.

  2. Good call on separating the CCSVI from the other gems. It would be a shame for some of your other posts to get lost in the CCSVI shuffle.

    Can't wait to see the next Kamikaze video. Is it the trek to visit Gandhi at Union Square? Huh? Huh? Is it? :D

  3. Tuna-glad you liked the map thing. It is a neat little gadget.

    Weeble-sorry, Gandhi is going to have to wait until spring, I'm afraid. I have the raw footage of a trip to MOMA, and also of a trip to the local Whole Foods supermarket. Gandhi is pretty far from where I live, and I'd be unhappily frozen if I tried to make that trip in the winter months...

  4. Glad to see our Hungarian brethern are enjoying the site. Sipping some unicum and chowing down on some Paprika chicken while playing chess in bath house.

  5. nice post

  6. Trek to MOMA would be great. The MOMA and the Guggenheim were top highlights of our visit last summer. And, yes I guess Gandhi is far in Manhattan miles. They're so much different than Canadian miles, lol. And I wouldn't want you to freeze.

  7. The map is great, Marc! I've seen this before, but I didn't know you could click and get more details.:)

  8. Have you ever read A Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin? I think that you might love it. Your b/w photo through Central Park brought it to mind.

    I just had the thought: isn't it kinda wonderful how MS/CCSVI has let our art out of the place that we had stored it? It did for me, anyway, and I think, maybe you too.