Saturday, March 5, 2011

Monday, March 7, 8 PM EST - CCSVI on Blog Talk Radio

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I'll be joining host Amy Gurowitz and five other MSers who have undergone the CCSVI treatment procedure for a two-hour netcast of her show "MS-LOL: Multiple Sclerosis-A Life Of Learning", discussing our experiences and swapping information on the topic, this Monday, March 7, at 8 PM EST. (click here for Blog Talk Radio page). Listeners will be encouraged to call in and ask questions, so you can participate in the show. All the necessary info is included on the website linked to above.

Amy Gurowitz is an MS patient herself, and heads up the Internet-based MS education nonprofit "MS Soft Serve" (click here). In addition, Amy maintains a blog, (click here) which details her monthly radio show and also includes her take on living life with MS.

I've recently been working with Amy on a couple of MS advocacy related projects, and she's a super intelligent, very compassionate, and genuinely nice human being. I'm excited about my invitation to participate in her show, and hope WK readers won't be shy about calling in with their CCSVI related questions.

Speak to you Monday…

To see a list converting the time of the show to your local time, please (click here)

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  1. Thanks, I've added Amy's blog to my favorites list. It looks interesting. I'll also try to listen in tomorrow night but you're up against "How I Met Your Mother"... tough choice.


  2. Thanks for the promo and your kind words Marc! I'm very excited to hear more details about the experience you and the other guests have had. I know it will be very compelling stuff. I've set up an IM account for those who don't want to go live with their questions. Spread the word! We are at: "mslolradio"

    As long as I don't ditch it for "How I met your mother" I will speak to you tomorrow! ;)