Sunday, March 13, 2011

What Does MS = To You?

imageMarch 14-20 is "MS Awareness Week", and the NMSS has sponsored a "MS =" program (click here), asking folks to describe what MS means to them in 60 characters or less.

Here's my go at it.


· Weapon of Mass Destruction (of course).

· Watch Me Deteriorate.

· Withering Muscles Disobey.

· Waves of Money for Druggists.

· Way too Many Doctors.

· Waylaid by My Destiny.

· Waning Memory Disappears.

· Why Me, Dammit?

· Weight of Monstrous Desperation.

· Walking, My Desire.

· Wretched, Miserable Diagnosis.

· Wishing Makes no Difference.

· Waiting for More Disability.

· Wrecking My Dreams.

· Weakening More Daily.

· Wisdom of Mindful Defiance.

· Wanting More Defenses.

· Whip My Disease!

· White Matter Demolition.

· Where is My Deliverance?

· Welcome to the Minority of the Disabled.

· Willfulness Massacres Despair

· Wellness Merits Determination

Okay, that's a start. Let's make this an interactive activity. Please contribute your own "MS =" using words with the first letters W, M, and D in the comments section, and I'll add it to the list, with an attribution to your screen name. It will be like a regular Wheelchair Kamikaze funfest, except, you know, MS isn't really all that much fun…

· When Myelin Dies (submitted by Judy)

· Why My Dearest? (submitted by Debra, caregiver)

· i Want My Damn life back (submitted by Cutter)

· What, Me Disabled? (submitted by Corey, my brother)

· Winging My Diagnosis (submitted by YankeeQuilter)

· Will Make Do (submitted by Team)

· Wishing Makes Despair (submitted by Dabble and the Mad Sow)

· Wanting More, Dammit (submitted by Dabble and the Mad Sow)

· Waiting for More Direction (submitted by Kim)

· Wishing Me was Desirable (submitted by Kim)

· Waning Muscles Decrease (submitted by Kim)

· Walking Made Difficult (submitted by Nicole)

· Wife, Mother Destroyed (submitted by Tam D)

· Why MS Discrimination?-in regards to CCSVI (submitted by Carol)

· Watch Me Deteriorate (submitted by Roberta)

· While Men Debate (submitted by Roberta)

· Why Me, Dieu? (submitted by Roberta)

· Will Medicine Deliver? (submitted by Roberta)

· Will Miracles Develop? (submitted by Roberta)

· Watch… Muse… Dream (submitted by Roberta)

· Watching Michael Dake-noted CCSVI researcher (submitted by Anonymous)

· Who, Me Doomed? (submitted by Scott)

· Where's My Dexterity? (submitted by Scott)

· What's My Destiny? (submitted by Scott)

· What, Me Depressed? (submitted by Scott)

· When My Dog helps (submitted by MSbeyondmeds)

· What a Miserable Disease (submitted by Gina)

· Why Me, Dear God? (submitted by Heidi)

· Watch Me Decline (submitted by Heidi)

· Why I Mess up Daily (submitted by Heidi)

· When Muscles Degenerate (submitted by Heidi)

· Will be My Day (submitted by Jamie)

· Whipping My Diagnosis (submitted by Jamie)

· Whispering Medical Dungeon (submitted by Jamie)

· Winning May be Differential thinking (submitted by Jamie)

· Will Master my Disease (submitted by Jamie)

· Waxing My Dependence (submitted by Carolyn)

· Wise Mind Developing (submitted by LauraX)

· Women <, Men >, Disability + (submitted by Cindy)

· Whip My Derrière (submitted by Tricia's husband husband)

· Withering More Daily (submitted by Tricia)

· What's My Disease? (submitted by Pasopati)

· Watch My Doom (submitted by Pasopati)

· Wrong Motherfucking Diagnosis (submitted by Pasopati)

· Write off My Doctor (submitted by Pasopati)

· Want More Drugs (submitted by Pasopati)

· When Myself Died (submitted by Swamp Granny)

· Word Melt Down (submitted by Swamp Granny)

· Worthless Mindless Dialogue (submitted by Swamp Granny)

· Whole Mind Damage (submitted by Swamp Granny)

· Worthless Mind Dump (submitted by Swamp Granny)

· Worthless Mind Demeanor (submitted by Swamp Granny)

· Whole Mind Disaster (submitted by Swamp Granny)

· Wholey Myself Damned (submitted by Swamp Granny)

· Whole Mind Defeat (submitted by Swamp Granny)

· What Me Dunno (submitted by Swamp Granny)

· Whoa, MS Darlin' (submitted by Webster)

· Where's My Deliverance? (submitted by Tuna)

· Willful Malingering Denial (submitted by Pasopati)

· Well, Modify D'Plan (submitted by Barry)

· Whittling away My Dreams (submitted by Patti)

· When Me Disappears (submitted by Ms Andisue)

· What will My family Do (submitted by Anonymous)

· Waiting for My Defeat (submitted by Anonymous)

· Watch My Doddering (submitted by Anonymous)

· Wicked Muscle Disease! (submitted by Sparkysmom)

· Watch. Me. Do (this). (submitted by rossandconnierockon)

· Worrying about My Dad (submitted by Becky)

· Wondering with My Dad (submitted by Becky)

· Walking for My Dad (submitted by Becky)

· Will MS Disappear? (submitted by Becky)

· Wandering Motionlessly Devoid (submitted by Anonymous)

· Wasting My Dreams (submitted by Anonymous)

· Worrying about My Dad (submitted by Becky)

· Watch My Defiance (submitted by Sandy)

· Withering My Dialogue (submitted by Maria)

· Wretched Mortifying Demon (submitted by bestadmom)

· With Many Defects (still loving life) (submitted by Anonymous)

· Why My Daughter, too? (submitted by Sharon)

· Weirdly Malfunctioning Defense (submitted by Barb)

· Wits Mostly Devoured (submitted by Barb)

· Wellness Made Discomfiture (submitted by Barb)

· Woman's Moxie Devastated (submitted by Barb)

· What Monstrous Drivel (submitted by Barb)

· Wretched Maniacal Devil (submitted by Lisa)

· Worst Motherfucking Disease (submitted by Lisa)

· Weird Morbid Descent (submitted by Lisa)

· Witness My Devolution (submitted by Lisa)

· What? My Demotion! (submitted by mscellenea)

· Waiting on My Deliverer! (submitted by Kimmy)

· Woe to Many Doubters… (submitted by Kimmy)

· Wasting My Days! (submitted by Kimmy)

· Weakening My Demeanor. (submitted by Kimmy)

· Wanting My Dad! (submitted by Kimmy)

· Warrior of Much Damage! (submitted by Kimmy)


  1. Hi Marc,

    MS = Lost dreams, on the sidelines, new directions, searching for hope.

    Just a little FYI, I am going to Albany April 9th for CCSVI. Do you want to know what CCSVI = ? That is a story yet to be told.

    Take Care,

  2. Joanne-I like your "MS=", but I didn't make it clear enough in my original version of this post that in order to be added to the list your contribution needs to use words starting with the letters W, M, and D.

    Good luck in Albany, please let me know how it goes…

  3. When Myelin Dies

    My other one was Why Me, Dammit but you had that one already. That's an amazing list.


  4. Hi Marc, we are listening to you on BlogTalk Radio right now and have heard you before and I would like to thank you for your intelligent and wry contribution to the "MS community" (for want of a better phrase.
    As a carer and partner of an MS sufferer Id like to make a contribution

    Why My Dearest

    thank you and very warmest regards

  5. Now bordering on being a complete shut in, what MS means to me is Watching My Desktop. Once upon a time, I had many, many real people present in my life, and many places I could go and things I could do. Now, it's all online. I - Want My Damn - life back!

    - Cutter

  6. What, Me Disabled?

    Years of MAD magazine infatuation.

  7. "Winging My Diagnosis" too 6 years for them to finally say MS. Three times I have ended up in the emergency room due to drug interactions (medical misadventure...doesn't that sound fun!)

  8. Will Make Do

    Because the alternative is not to.

  9. Wishing makes Despair
    Wanting More, Dammit

  10. Morning your topic! How about...

    WMD===Waiting for More Direction

    WMD===Wishing Me was Desireable

    WMD===Waning Muscle Decrease


  11. O.K. first I will play your game:
    Walking Made Difficult.

    Next, your link allowed me to go to the site and add my own:
    MS= the description of my CCSVI symptoms!

    Thanks Marc!

  12. MS = Why MS Discrimination?

    (is what I have been asking my government regarding CCSVI)

  13. Did you see the movie "Go Now"? The hero (who has MS and is played by the fabulous and very young Robert Carlyle) is doing PT as his girlfriend attempts to inspire/cheer him up by coming up with ever raunchier two word phrases starting with M and S.

  14. Watch Me Deteriorate...
    While Men Debate...
    Why Me, Dieu?
    Will Medicine Deliver?
    Will Miracles Develop?


  15. our next best hope is figuring out how to KEEP those veins open, so I most humbly submit:

    Watching Michael Dake

  16. who, me doomed?
    where's my dexterity?
    what's my destiny?
    What, me depressed?

  17. When My Dog helps

  18. Love so many of these! Hard to come up with new ones...
    Will be My Day
    Whipping My Diagnosis
    Whispering Medical Dungeon
    Winning May be Differential thinking
    Will Master my Disease

    Gotta list My fav's 'cause I was thinking along these lines too, but they were taken :-) - Watch...Muse...Dream, Walking Made Difficult, Watching My Desktop, Why Me, Dammit, Wretched, Miserable Diagnosis, Waiting for More Disability, Welcome to the Minority of the Disabled, Where's My Dexterity

  19. wise mind developing... I like to believe this is true, even if the rest of my body is deteriorating.

  20. DH says "Whip My Derriere"

    Withering More Daily

  21. WMD=
    What's My Disease?
    Watch My Doom
    Wrong Motherf***ing Diagnosis
    Write off My Doctor
    Want More Drugs

  22. When MySelf Died
    Word Melt Down
    Worthless Mindless Dialogue
    Whole Mind Damage
    Worthless Mind Dump
    Worthless Mind Demeanor
    Whole Mind Disaster
    Wholly Myself Damned
    Whole Mind Defeat
    What Me Dunno

    Swamp Granny

  23. Losing my memory, energy, stability & self worth.

  24. WMD = "Whoa" MS Darlin' (I always try to speak kindly to the bastard.)

  25. Where's My Deliverance?

  26. Another came to me while trying to sleep last night:

    Willful Malingering Denial

  27. Whittling away [at] My Dreams.

  28. What will My family Do?

    I worry about this because I have a young son and the last thing I want is for him to have to take care of me when he gets older while...

    Waiting for My Defeat.

  29. watch my doddering,legs ravaged by ms. me and a friend who also has ms wrote a book called 'laughing legs' as that is what we used to say when we couldnt control our legs. would love to get it published as its a lighter(if there is) side of ms.

  30. Watch.Me.Do(this).

    Similar scenario ran through my mind over the past 10 years as I discovered myself and my life!

  31. Great list!

    My father has MS, so my WMD involve my dad:
    Worrying about My Dad
    Wondering with My Dad
    Walking for My Dad

    Will MS Disappear? (hoping and praying for a cure!)


  32. Wandering Motionlessly Devoid

    Wasting My Dreams

  33. I have MS. For 11 years know and I have not sure come to MS. I go to a gym 3 time a week and ride my bicyle's as much as I can.

    Peace Out

  34. Wretched mortifying deamon

  35. Wow, you guys are doing great! Certainly keeping me very busy. We're up to about 80 reader submissions. It would be great to reach 100…

  36. with many defects (still loving life)

  37. Why My Daughter, too!

  38. Weirdly Malfunctioning Defense
    Wits Mostly Devoured
    Wellness Made Discomfiture
    Woman's Moxie Devastated
    What Monstrous Drivel

  39. Wretched Maniacal Devil
    Worst Motherfucking Disease
    Weird Morbid Descent
    Witness My Devolution

  40. What? My demotion!

  41. Waiting on My Deliverer!!!
    Woe to Many Doubters...
    Wasting My Days!
    Weakening My Demeanor.
    Wanting My Dad!
    Warrior of Much Damage

  42. Sean Olive BreazealeJune 13, 2011 at 11:18 PM

    MS equals something that changes the lives of many but brings challenges that will pay off in the end. my mom was diagnosed when i was one im now almost sixteen
    You know that part when every thing hurts, your legs hurt, its hard to breath, and you feel like you can't take it any more, well thats when you need to push through the pain and win
    some one told me this and it has changed my life and i feel like i can help my mom one day walk or at least be able to move her arms again please spread this quote to those in need and help bring those that are down back up

  43. WMD=Where's My Diagnosis?
    Recently, we moved, I got new doctors, and now, after more than 20 years of symptoms and life-plans being ruined, my new neurologist (who hardly did a physical exam, and who does not know me or what I was BEFORE the symptoms and misery) (these are words I never say, and attitudes I avoid--I don't show my exasperation with the disease, just do my best to live and do the most I can every day) says my most recent MRI showing white spots in my brain doesn't mean I have MS. So he SERIOUSLY doubts that's the problem. The previous MRI to it had that pathologist saying it supported a diagnosis of MS. For all these years, I have been treated as having MS, now I am experiencing the frustrations of uncertainty once again. Of course, I'd rather NOT have MS, but now what? Anyone else go through this after so many years of being treated as an MS patient?